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Types of NFT Marketplaces

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NFT for Games

Virtual assets in games offer exclusive gameplay with rare assets like characters, weapons, and tickets for upgrades. These assets are non-interoperable where the asset used in a game can not be used in any other games. Developers can list a unique character in NFT to offer in the games which enable the game developers to-generate their revenues in NFT.

NFT for the Fashion industry

NFT is popularized in the fashion industry by its tokenized unique accessories. Consumers can now digitally verify ownership of all their accessories and items like jewels to eliminate the risk of fraud. Consumers can also know details of the place of creation, ownership of-the asset, and so on

NFT Exchange

Our NFT exchange platform offers a myriad of options that enables users to trade and exchange their NFT tokens. The platform is-secured under blockchain technology which suggests a wide range of NFT tokens available in the market.

NFT for Sports

Sports memorabilia is one of the most welcomed collectibles in the market. Player cards, assets, autographs, video clips are rare assets-that can be tokenized under Non-fungible tokens. This attracts a worldwide audience towards the platform with a high purchase rate.

NFT for the Real

NFT takes real estate to the next level by virtualizing the lands and creating your own. Tokenizing your virtual land and listing in the-market enables the interested audience to bid for your land. Interior designing in the real-world and digitizing with NFT gathers audience-interest in your NFT which also makes your platform wealthier.

NFT for Infrastructure

Infrastructure development is also a type of real estate where you develop a unique infrastructure for your property and tokenize it. OurNFT infrastructure includes interior designs, infrastructure development, Architecture, sculptures etc.NFT infrastructure development is the process of digitally converting your infrastructure and tokenizing it. This attracts multiple industries to participate in your platform for their NFT token development

NFT for Music

Non- Fungible tokens in music provide an opportunity for the musicians. They can tokenize their creation and list in the market. Music is-the vertical that has huge followers across the world which enables exclusive music channels for subscriptions. Tokenizing the unique-composition in the NFT market may evolve as separate followers for your platform which also reduces piracy in music.

NFT of Videos

Exclusive video contents like music videos, rare moments, sports moments can be tokenized with NFT.NBA video clips and players’ tokens gain popularity in the circulation of NFT tokens.

P2P Exchange for NFT’s

Our NFT p2p exchange platform makes the trading of NFTs a beneficial and feasible option as buying and selling. Our platform offers a-secured and user-friendly experience for the NFT owners further establishing the NFT community to grow beyond.